Hi there. I’m Christy Swift, and this is my landing space. You can also find me on Twitter at @christyswift27.

Here you can find out what creative projects I’m working on, info on my freelance business, and the best sci-fi and Parks and Rec quotes that maybe you forgot but shouldn’t have.

About me:
Freelance writer. Social media content provider. Author. Wife and mom.
Florida native. Graduate of the University of South Florida, Tampa (English, Technical Writing)
13 years experience as a freelance writer (blogs, social media, website content, feature articles for newspapers and magazines)
Have lived in Spain, Mexico and Canada.
(Mostly) fluent in Spanish.
Favorite genres: young adult, science fiction/fantasy
Favorite books: The Cruel Prince (series) by Holly Black, The Raven Cycle (series) by Maggie Stiefvater
Favorite movies: Passengers, Avengers (any of them), The Mosquito Coast
What I’m working on right now: Adult romcom (I know, right?)
Awards: NYC Midnight 2020 placed first in Heats 1 and 2; Newsperson of the Year, Florida Farm Bureau, 2015; Editor’s Choice Award Suite 101

Quote of the minute: “And shawarma after?” – Tony Stark